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Review: Mi Band

January 7, 2015



I did not manage to purchase the Mi Band from XiaoMi.Com and i got this off 1 Carousell seller at $20 bucks. Lucky me! I managed to find some time off to play with this toy and so here is the first review of the year!


Unboxed and inside is a little user manual, Mi Band and 1 USB adapter for charging the band.

You may just remove the MiMi (That is what i call it) and just clip it in place inside the other end and then plug the usb into your laptop. I did not try using my iPhone 6 charger in case it blows it apart (LOL).


Go to APP Store on your Apple device, for me it would be my iPhone 6+. iOS users are lucky that XiaoMi actually created the Mi Band App for us. Just search for Mi Band and viola!

Once installed, just open the Mi Band App. (oh look! it's my lil gal stuck on my phone!)

You would need to tap on Agree on the terms and conditions and just Allow Mi Band to write and read data to my phone.


So anxious at this point of time. 1 very dumb thing i did was to Create a brand new Mi Account when i already have an exisitng Mi Account from my past orders online. This is where the start of my problem occurs.

Followed the instructions and created a new account with my mobile number.

All goes well to this point of time.

Password as usual.


YES! Account created!

Some unknown error appear. The problem is if you have created a new account using your mobile if you have any existing account with your email, you will be unable to add the same email address for your mobile phone account. Just add a different email address and it works.

Kept trying and managed to add another email account tied to my mobile number.

Got the above error and ignore it.

Finally managed to get it working after more than 10 mins with account issues. Time to buck up XiaoMi.

Sign in again.


Select your Sex, Age, Weight, Height as above.

Initially selected 8000 steps but bumped it up to 10,000 instead. heehee...


Why the chinese wordings when the App is in English. Helloooooo, developer??

I wonder why that error appeared when there was only 1 Mi Band around. Try again and it synced successfully.

The Mi Band will automatically update once synced with your phone.

I realized something that if you sit still and shake your hands, the steps will increase. I guess there's no gyro in this thing.

What can be measured by your Mi Band App.

More options to configure your Mi Band.

The default battery level is 44% outta the box. I like how phone calls can be synced to the Mi Band to vibrate as sometimes i don't feel my phone vibrating in my pocket. There are 4 colours you can play around with on your Mi Band.

It can sync with iOS Health App. Pretty cool! You can even sync with WeChat if you have it.

I synced with iOS Health.

In iOS Health App, you need to allow Mi Band access.

Hey i wonder how they measure Deep Sleep. I really hoped to have Deep Sleep for more than 2 hours each day.


For $20, this fitness band is good enough for me as of now while i eagerly anticipate the Apple Watch to be launched early this year.


Purchase your $19.99 Mi Band from here!


Signing off,



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