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Unbox & Review : Apple Watch Sport

July 23, 2015


I know i am slow in this post when i have already played with the Watch since 2 Jul 2015. I took the plunge to order the Watch after the green light from my dearest wife. She did asked me the usefulness of the gadget and i had to convince her it is useful in certain ways. Currently due to limited apps found in the App Store and the full functionality/potential of the Watch yet to be fully utilized by developers, i am still relatively happy with the reminders/notifications which is useful for me to take a quick glance when i am in a meeting or when i just woke up. I do forget some meetings or appointments scheduled but thank god for the reminders! Although my trusty iPhone 6+ does the job pretty well, i do miss notiications/missed calls/appointments as the phone is mostly kept in my left pants pocket.


Well, i shall bore you with the boring stuff. Below is the unboxing video which wasn't really well done, but i do wish readers find it a bit useful though.


 After the video, let's take a look at the setup for the Apple Watch.


 The quick start guide found in the box.



Open the Apple Watch app on your mobile phone to start pairing with the watch after powering it on. Relax, there is some power left in the watch although it's new. You may play around with it and only charge it while you sleep.


 I am not sure what kind of technology it uses to detect the pairing but i know it is using bluetooth for the bidirectional communications.


 Look at the weird fuzzy blob which it will detect. It is probably more powerful than QR code.


 Once paired, time to set it up!


 Depends on which hand do you wear your watch, the digital crown orientation can be adjusted. Smart move!



The typical agreement nobody ever reads!


You will need to sign in so that some of the stuff can be used properly on the watch. I really hope Apple Pay comes to Singapore soon.


 The typical security feature which i have enabled for my Apple ID.


Of course you would want to enable this for many functions to work!


I have tested the Siri on the watch and it's pretty accurate for singlish speaking singaporeans.


 Diagnostic settings - i am sure it helps in a way sometimes when enabled.


 Set a passcode which can be different as your iPhone.


Enable this as you do not need to unlock 2 devices when you wanna use it, right?


It is up to you right now whether you wanna go ahead and install some apps or wait...


 Syncing starts and it did took quite a while to finish, i did not time it though and my short term memory can't recall how many minutes it took. i guess around 20 mins?


 Watch doing the Sync with my iPhone.


 Once synced, you will get this message automatically.


 You will be guided to take a look at some of the various functions of the watch before you start using it.


If you skip it, you may go back to the link listed above.



 Ok. i did not screen shots with the watch (it's easy, just press both crown and side button at the same time). The initial battery health after the sync.


Pressing the side button brings up the Contacts and you can set up to 12 favourites friends to call. It is something like Speed Dial.


The buttons are huge enough for you not to mistype most of the times.


You can set various items to show under Complications (Read: Watch Faces). I have set it to display the digital version of world clock (notice the apple logo, we will come to that later), alarm, date in the middle right and appointment listing at the bottom. There are various faces to choose from, relax and play around until you get the one you love.


 Some of the things which you can configure on your iPhone for your watch.


Goto My Watch, Clock, Monogram (Copy and paste the apple logo found here  using your iphone) or follow this tweet. You can also paste it into City Abbreviations if your Complications has world clock enabled like me.


 Delete the text and paste the Apple Logo.


 There you go. Just some minor steps to get going and you really need to start exploring on your own by downloading some apps and fiddling around with those apps found on your watch.


Lastly, Apple really did themselves some good by providing one-to-one personalized service. I received an email shortly (1 week or 2) after receiving the watch to make an appointment with an Apple Specialist to guide me through using the watch. I had some valuable insights provided by this guy named Shanan. What you need to do is to set an appointment and on the actual day, click on the link which they will send you and you will need to input your phone number for them to call you back. So on your laptop, you will be able to see the live demo of the watch and also talk to him on the phone. Ask the specialist any questions you need answered and most of the times he/she would be able to answer them.


Signing off,


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