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[Updates] Apple September Event 2015

September 11, 2015

The most anticipated event of the year from Apple other than the Apple Watch launch. I shall go through briefly what was the highlights of the event rather than you watching the whole 2 hours video.


Alright, let's begin with the Apple Watch.


  1. Apple has collaborated with Hermes to come up with the Hermes version (special leather strap) and i am sure it is going to cost a bomb. You can only purchase them from Malmaison (the $23K Edition watch can be bought from there too) and Hermes store. It will only be available from Oct 2015.

  2. New Gold and Rose Gold colours for the aluminium range.

  3. New strap colours and another exclusive Product(Red) version where proceeds going to the Global Fund to fight AIDS.

  4. Watch OS2 is coming soon next week on Sept 16.

Next, let's move on to iPAD Pro.

  1. Apple has introduced to the world their largest ever iPad and it is 12.9" in size diagonally.

  2. It is more powerful (comes with A9 chipset) and they claim to be comparable to a desktop in terms of processing power.

  3. It can work with an Apple pencil (it costs a whopping USD99) and it does not come with it by default. You blood SUCKERS! You actually need to charge the pencil by plugging it into the iPad's lightning connector. 15 secs of charging = 30 mins of usage. WOW!

  4. There is a new smart keyboard which connects via a smart connector (3 dots) to the iPad Pro and the keyboard retrieves the power this way. No bluetooth or NFC or wireless connectvity required. It is just a snap on.

  5. The iPad Pro has 4 built in speakers! hmm it will probably be good for gaming and movies because the iPads in my house currently isn't loud enough sometimes.

  6. It will be available this November and i can't wait for SG pricing to be released.

The next item on the list is Apple TV.

  1. The Apple TV has been around for a couple of years without much ugprades and this time it can be considered a "major" upgrade. First off, the Apple TV Remote comes with touch functionality and it is going to work well with the revamp Apple TV UI interface.

  2. SiRi! Yes the remote now works with Siri and you can search for movies starring a particular actor/actress, have Siri do a whole lot of other shit! This is the WOW factor for me because i have the Amazon firestick and i still require a smartphone to do a Siri like search.

  3. The UI works more smartly this time with a lots of info on the movie page. Eg. The movie will show whether it is available in iTunes, Netflix, Hulu or HBO. This will save you time from going into each App to search for a certain movie/tv series.

  4. Games! Yes there are more games available and it works with the touch remote. You can do a Wii-type of action like swinging the remote to play ping pong. Be careful of accidentally throwing your remote at your TV.

  5. Apple music and Photos. Nothing special to me.

The most anticipated iPhone is next!

  1. Screen size, memory and storage size is the same as iPhone 6/iPhone 6S.

  2. 3D touch! It works like what the Apple Watch has. It can sense the pressure of the touch and function differently. This is pretty good because you can actually preview emails, photos, maps etc without actually going into the full thing.

  3. It has better quality in it's body and it comes with 7000 series aluminium. I guess due to last year's bend gate and thus they provide a strudier body to prevent another fracas.

  4. Better camera! 12 Megapixel Front Cam and 5 Megapixel Selfie Cam. 4K video recording! DAMN! I want this phone!

  5. Live Photo! Now the photos comes with Live Photo and the photo can actually play like a video 1s and 1s after the photo is taken.

  6. A9 chip that performs faster than in terms of CPU and GPU power.

  7. It comes with a new colour - ROSE GOLD! My wife loves the new colour!

My wife is currently using Samsung Note 3 and she almost wanted to change to Note 5 but i managed to get her to wait for this. Yes this latest "S" upgrade is definitely a good upgrade!

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