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STGCC 2015

November 3, 2015

This is a very delayed post of STGCC 2015 event which happened on 12 - 13 Sept 2015 @ Marina Bay Sands. My son came along with me and got in for free while i had to pay for my ticket @ $19 (expensive hor). I have over 170+ pictures of the event and i won't be posting all of the pictures here. Flood the blog meh?


 Entered the entrance hall and first booth is the usual Hot Toys Extravaganza!

The first thing i bought is the below new item from Hot Toys since my daughter's birthday was around the corner and we were looking for these figures to compliment her Inside Out Birthday Theme party. Si bei the expensive loh these figures!

 At the end of the hall, i saw these 2 big statues of Hulk vs Hulkbuster from Avengers. Put at home very swee right if my home is a gold class bungalow?

 I like these cute Herocross Batman (my favourite character) and i wanted to buy the special edition blue batman but didn't. I bought the Dark Knight Rises one instead as it comes with the Bat Light. Swee!

 Saw this Aquaman statue and i must say it looks very chio!

The 2 *STARS* of the show will be these floating toys from Kids Logic.  The floating magnetic DeLorean is a fanboy dream come true. Steep price but it is gonna be a showstealer if you display this in your home.

 We have seen these before somewhere from EggAttack range when the Ironman is seen floating.

With the upcoming Star Wars film (The Force Awakens) landing soon in a few months, these gonna be a hit!

僵尸 (Jiangshi) vs Jedis anyone?

Will these look creepy during the Chinese 7th month hungry ghosts festival?

Very nice statue from local artist if i am not wrong.

XM Studios rule the statue displays! If i am very rich, i would get them to adore my house with plenty of these.

1/2 Hero 1/2 Bone. Cool design!

My favourite Transformer "The Bumblebee!"

Lee Kuan Yew the Yoda?

Didn't really get a chance to slowly browse the tees from teeturtle. Will go online to take a look as they are pretty cute.

How can we forget Cosplay meimeis?

This Monkey God Cosplayer was walking around blasting some cheena music from his customized luggage with built in speakers.

Nothing much to shout about in this year's STGCC, or am i getting too old? Well, seeya next year.



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