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Pokemon Go has finally ARRIVED in Singapore

August 10, 2016

Photo courtesy from Niantic/Nintendo


Pokemon Go has finally arrived in Singapore last Saturday (6th Aug) without pre-announcement! Fans and newbies to the game (i am a newbie) were quick to download the mobile app and start playing it! The game is simple to use but it takes some kind of exploring to understand what you were actually doing.


The only Pokemon character i know before using the game was the infamous Pikachu. The little iconic yellow monster was the most wanted Pokemon to catch even though it is not rare or powerful to say the least.


Well, let's see how the game works.


1) On first launch of the game, you will either need to create a new account or you may sign in using your Google account.

2) Choose a unique name for your main character (you will need to think creatively as many names has been taken up by the millions of users)

3) Dress up your character and start collecting Pokeballs and Pokemons!

4) From what you can see from below screencap, the PokeStops has been circled in yellow. These are locations what you will be able to retrieve Pokeballs, potions, lures, incense etc by visiting these so called pitstops.

5) You will need pokeballs in order to capture Pokemons. The more the merrier but there is a limit to how many items you can store in your bag.

6) The PokeGym is circled in red and it is where Pokemon Trainers go to train or fight with their Pokemons. I still have not won any fights as of yet and these PokeGyms are mostly found in MRTs, major buildings etc.

7) One word of advice, do not playing Pokemon Go while driving as it is very dangerous due to the many distractions which you will pass by during your journey. Get your passenger to play for you as i did with my son.



Singapore Wildlife Park has jumped onto the Pokemon craze in order to attract more visitors to their parks.


1. Singapore Zoo (1 gym, 32 PokéStops)

Map courtesy from Wildlife Reserves Singapore


The list of PokéStops:

– 4 at the Treetops Trail
– 1 at the shelter opposite the Babirusa
– 1 along the path outside the Pygmy Hippo
– 2 near the Hamadryas Baboon
– 1 at the Cassowary
– 1 at the entrance of Elephants of Asia, another two along the huts in the path and one more at the exit
– 1 between the Capuchin Monkeys and the Rainforest/Splash Safari shows
– 2 at the African Penguins
– 1 at one end of the free-ranging Orangutan area
– 1 at Ah Meng’s Bistro
– 1 at the Sumatran Orangutan
– 1 at the Tortoise Shelter
– 1 at the Rainforest Kidsworld entrance, and two at the wet play area
– 1 at the Proboscis Monkey and one at the shelter opposite
– 1 at the Tropical Crops area (there’s one gym there too)
– 1 at the Giraffes
– 1 at the zebras, and 1 at the hut next to the African Painted Dog
– 1 at the Frozen Tundra
– 2 at the eating areas near the entrance


The gym is located near the Giraffe exhibit.


2. River Safari (2 gyms, 13 PokéStops)

Map courtesy from Wildlife Reserves Singapore


The list of PokéStops:

– 1 at the Congo River entrance
– 1 in the river near the Congo Tetra
– 1 at the Mekong Giant Catfish
– 1 at the House of Kai Kai and Jia Jia (gift shop)
– 1 at the Panda sculpture
– 2 at the Boat Plaza
– 1 on the boardwalk heading to the Amazon River Quest boat ride
– 1 at the Red Howler Monkey
– 1 between the Brazilian Tapir and the Jaguar
– 1 at the Copybara
– 1 near the Green Anaconda
– 1 at the entrance of the Amazon Flooded Forest


There are also two gyms:

– 1 at the Giant Freshwater Stingray
– 1 at the Giant Panda Courtyard


3. Night Safari (1 gym, 9 PokéStops)

Map courtesy from Wildlife Reserves Singapore


The list of PokéStops:

– 1 at the Zebra Cafe
– 1 at the Asian Elephant
– 1 at the Anoa
– 1 at the intersection between the Leopard and Fishing Cat trails
– 1 at the Wallaby
– 1 at the main tram stop, near the entrance
– 1 at tram stop 4
– 1 at the main entrance
– 1 at the entrance courtyard


The gym is located at the Porcupine exhibit.


4. Jurong Bird Park (4 gyms, 25 PokéStops)

Map courtesy from Wildlife Reserves Singapore


The list of PokéStops:

– 1 at Bongo Burgers
– 1 at the main entrance coach park
– 1 at the open area just inside the main entrance
– 1 at Feathers
– 1 at the Flamingo Pool
– 1 at the World of Darkness
– 1 at the Wetlands
– 1 at the Royal Ramble
– 1 at Hornbills and Toucans
– 1 at Pools Amphitheatre
– 1 at Birds of Prey
– 1 at Lory Loft
– 1 at Jungle Jewels
– 1 at Bird Discovery Centre
– 1 at the turn, near Dinosaur Descendants
– 1 at the rescue dinghy near Pelican Cove
– 1 at Swan Lake
– 1 at Waterfall Aviary
– 2 near Waterfall Tram Station
– 2 at Waterfall Cafe
– 2 at Birdz of Play
– 1 at the link bridge leading to Hawk Arena


And the Gyms are located at:

– Main station 1
– Window on Paradise
– In the middle of Waterfall Aviary
– Parrot Paradise


Gentle reminder: Be considerate to non-Pokémon hunters at all times, and don’t be dumb and climb into animal exhibits unless you want to be their next meal.



Happy hunting!


More Pokemon places to visit!


1) Blk 401 Hougang Ave 10 (it was in the news too!) - this place serves some nice food too at the coffeeshop, one of my fav places previously

2) Ion Orchard (tons of players here, if someone sponsors a lure, you bound to capture some Pokemons here)

3) Toa Payoh Dragon Playground (go opposite Toa Payoh Safra also have some Pokestops)

4) Pulau Ubin (have to pay ferry ride there)

5) Chinese Garden


More to be updated...

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