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Reasons for moving to Australia

August 22, 2016

Well, i am sure a lot of people will ask me why do i want to move to Australia?

Everyone have their own beliefs and personal views, i do not want to dwell into an argument with another fellow Singaporean as being a quitter and such.


The below points are my personal views and i do not encourage anyone to post nasty comments below.


  1. Away from stressful educational system - I do agree Singapore might have a more competitive edge in education standard as compared to Australia but i do not want to subject my children in the rat race to be among the Band 1s and scoring full marks for all their tests/exams. Even removing the so called PSLE scoring and posting system doesn't help. It inadvertently creates additional stress point to the parents. Signing up your children for more courses and forcing activities down their tiny throats. Not going through that sorry. I want my children to grow up and foster their own interests and develop their potential in the way they see fit. If my child wants to be a rocker, go ahead and do your best!

  2. Escaping grueling work culture - In Singapore, if you are good in what you do, more work will be assigned to you and there's no guarantee of promotion in the coming financial year. While the others who gives substandard work continues to gets his monthly pay and does minimal amount of work. 

  3. Slave to your house/car - Another 30 years down the road when i have finished paying for my house, how much would i have left for retirement? I probably couldn't even get any profit from selling my house. Yes i could consider downgrading and what i do get from CPF "aka phantom money" , only a pittance monthly allowance with majority left untouched. Cars are so god damn expensive now that the savings you have saved up for the past 10 years will go into buying another new car 10 years down the road and the vicious cycle continues until you cannot afford a car anymore.

  4. Hot hot weather - I do not enjoy all year summer season. I prefer to live somewhere with at least 2 - 3 seasons, bets is 4 seasons!

  5. Places to explore - our small country is only so big and the places that we can go sightseeing during the weekend is only so many. I am an explorer and i want to explore the nature of Australia before i die.

  6. Government support - a lot of foreign imports have made our country too multi racial until there is a clear divide between true blue Singaporeans vs FTs. They are not controlling the imports and they are giving any tom, dick or harry PR status. It is not easy to get PR status from Australia and this is their way of preventing over influx of FTs. I do not see our government giving a lot of support to the old, old people are still seen working hard at hawker centres, macdonalds etc even after they have retired.

  7. Work life balance - we are so preoccupied with errands to run, bringing work home and other things that we have lesser time to spend with our family. I have neglected my kids when i have to juggle studies, work when they were very young. I really want to spend more time with them before they start going through puberty. Leaving the office after 5pm will definitely provide more family time with the kids and they do not have home work to do and thus bonding time will consists of playing board games, watching tv and reading together.

  8. Social status - over here, we are bound by our social status. People look upon you by your job, if i work as a cashier when i am already in my 40s, people will think i am uneducated and that's the only job i can hold. With the measly pay, it would be very difficult to even afford paying for a house. In Oz, even if you are working as a cashier, the pay difference between the 2 jobs varies among the 2 countries. You are likely able to survive with a cashier job in Oz and still could afford a small house and a 2nd hand car. People there do not look down on you even if you are working as a cashier.

  9. Less stress - i think the above few points sums up stress as a major contributor why i think living here is very stressful.

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