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Apple iPhone 7 trumps Samsung Note 7

September 20, 2016

We've seen how the iPhone 6s beat the Galaxy Note7 in a similar app test last month. Now, it's time to pit Apple's latest iPhone 7 against the Galaxy Note7 to see if the result is the same. Well, let's say the iPhone 7 surged ahead of the Galaxy Note7 by a lot!


As a quick recap, the app test involves both phones opening 14 apps in succession which include the camera, Angry Birds and creating a timelapse from the same video file. Not surprisingly, the iPhone 7 finished the first lap in 1 minute 14 seconds well ahead of the Galaxy Note7. 

What's more impressive is the fact that the iPhone 7 finished its second lap even before the Galaxy Note7 could finish its first. The second lap took the iPhone 7 1 minutes 40 seconds while the Galaxy Note7 took 3 minutes and 14 seconds! 


Despite having just 2GB RAM, the iPhone 7 managed to keep all 14 apps running in the background which allowed it to go through the second lap faster. On the other hand, the Galaxy Note7 had to relaunch some of the apps.


As with any speed test, the results are unlikely to be replicated by users in day-to-day usage conditions and hence, might not be an accurate assessment of what both phones are capable of.


Source: PhoneBuff via 9to5Mac

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