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FIFA 17 - The Journey

September 28, 2016

FIFA 17 has just been released in Singapore on the 27th Sep 2016. I collected my pre-order from Toy.Or.Game and waited till everyone was asleep before i started playing.


This year EASports has added a new feature titled "The Journey". They utilizes the frostbite engine which was mainly used for their Battlefield series. It is a new gameplay where the gamer gets to experience a totally new concept of guiding a young prodigy named "Alex Hunter" in his soccer career. You get to see his story unfold starting when he was around 10 years old and how he got signed etc. You get to choose what to say and also the first club that you are going to sign for after impressing in a exit trial. You can choose to play as a team or focus yourself as Alex Hunter. You will also need to exhibit your abilities in 11 a side and skills training. Your agent will help you get signed to a Premier League club and I had wanted to choose Man Utd as my first club but as it is not easy breaking into the first team, i decided to stick to West Ham instead. I am in the 3rd game of my pre-season tour and i impressed during my 2nd game. The 1st game though was a dull moment for me as i tried to figured out the gameplay although i had been a Fifa fan for over 20 years.


The gameplay so far has been pretty good and i loved the story line. I wonder how many seasons could i play and will i get to see Alex Hunter retire at the end?


The graphics this year is much better and you could easily see a difference how detailed the players are. The much needed changes to the environment and settings does give FIFA a rejuvenated appearance, especially how the managers react down the touchline, cup celebrations etc.


This will probably be my only game for the rest of the year as it will take a lot of time to get Alex Hunter into godly status. This is a must buy for all FIFA fans and PES converts.

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