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Review : Star Wars Battlefront (PS4)

January 15, 2016

 It's been a while since i last posted on my blog because i went for a holiday in Taiwan. I bought this game just before i went on a trip and this was such a hugely anticipated game for me as i have seen some gameplay traliers and were instantly hooked! First thing, i pre-ordered the normal edition at T.O.G (Toy or Game) and was informed of the price only upon collection. I was hesitant on purchasing the Ultimate Edition as it only included a few additional weapons but the salesman was telling me some bull that it includes online play for Battle of Jakku or whatever. It was like $20 more for the game and i submit to his persuasiveness eventually. Over $90 bucks for a game...wow this game better be good!

 The graphics were good but the most disappointing was there isn't really any story mode mission to play. You just select a single mission and choose your character and so be it. There were probably around 10 missions to choose from but that is all you get. You can either fight against AI or another local player via split screen. I did it with my son and he kept complaining i always win. In games, there is no fatherly love for you my little man! Haha! This game is catered mostly to online gamers as the online battles are pretty exciting with gamers blasting each other away and i tried my hands on it and sucked badly! Overall, it was really disappointing for me as i am not an online gamer person (maybe due to age?) as i like to play locally. Even Fifa 16 i only played Career Mode as i like being a manager and buying/selling players are fun! I rate this 2.5/5 as there isn't much you could do but play single missions. Sounds and graphics were great!



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