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Oculus Connect 3: VR Demo by Mark Zuckerberg

October 7, 2016


Mark Zuckerberg demoed the latest virtual reality technology to about 100,000 people in his keynote at Oculus Connect 3 today. The company he bought over has improved heaps and the video that i just watched was truly amazing. You could really do a lot of things with the Oculus but the price is too steep for me to plunge my hands on It would be great if i could get sponsored by Facebook or you may help me by making a small donation of $0.99 cents through Paypal. Although i had played around with a cheap VR set for my iPhone from China, it was pretty amazing what it could do without lifting my hands. It also came with speakers at the side and i could watch movies through those 3rd party apps. Oculus Rift breaks all barriers to show us what it could do and i am sure we will be seeing some of these for corporate use. It could even be used for healthcare, imagine a doctor sitting in his office and able to perform consultation without visiting you physically.



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