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Migrating to Canada from Singapore Part 1

July 6, 2018

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So here it goes, another round of research and planning to discover new frontiers of our lives...

I will try to assist people who have dreams of moving to Canada from Singapore along the way while I document our journey...this blog will try to spoonfeed lazy buggers who can't be bother to do their own research but I also appreciate people who post useful comments to me...




  • Get your lazy bum off the couch and do some research!

  • Go to https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada.html and do some reading!

Ok, time to be helpful now.


1. After reading up and doing the eligibility assessment, I found out that I am able to apply for Express Entry PR which typically takes up to 6 months. Wow that is fast!


2. Please proceed to do the questionnaire over here to have a quick assessment whether you are eligible for express entry. It works effortlessly. (Please take note that it is best that you get your IELTS-General done prior to performing this assessment as it scores you according to your IELTS scores for you and your spouse, if any). Academic IELTS is not recognised for Express Entry.


3. I am only able to apply for Federal Skilled Worker Program. So please go and read the detailed requirements here.


4. Submit your education credentials to any of the designated Educational credential assessment (ECA) organizations for assessment. The funny thing about all of them, you must get your Education Institute to send the academic transcript directly to them physically through mail. I have done online submissions for AU and NZ previously and all got approved without a need to contact the school directly. There was an alternative option but my school has not embarked on "My EQuals" platform yet and therefore cannot allow the ECA organization online access to my academic transcript.


5. Select your preferred ECA organization, I have selected WES (shortest processing time of 20 days) for a cost of CAD $285 including international courier. Next, contact your school (only highest level of education academic transcript) and request for them to send it over to the ECA organization that you have selected. My school has an online website to request for this service and it cost AUD $55 for international mail.


6. Waiting for my spouse to take her IELTS test as I have already done many and all of them have good enough grades for Canada requirements.


To be continued...

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